Do you ever feel like you are losing customers because of out-of-stocks?

If you want to avoid the risk of losing your customers to the competition, as soon as your stock is received, WaitList by createIT will send an e-mail to your customers for you.

No coding skills required, install and start saving money!

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Keep customers

Give your users the possibility to follow out-of-stock products of their choice. How? They just need to enter their e-mail address. WaitList plugin will inform them as soon as the product is back on stock.

Manage requests

WaitList by createIT provides you with a detailed list of products followed by your customers. It even shows you the most waitlisted products! You just could not get any better!

Notify customers

With WaitList by createIT you can easily inform your customers once a product is back on stock. You can even define the e-mail template you want them to receive.

Add product to waitlist

Whenever a product is out-of-stock, the customer can add it to his waiting list.

Don’t worry. If the customer has no account, he will receive a notice to simply subscribe to a waitlist using his e-mail.

Unlike other plugins, WaitList by createIT works with variable products!

Check the waiting list

No need to keep tracking your e-mails or saving data in spreadsheets. With WaitList by createIT, you get all the important information about any waiting list in a single place!

Not only are we offering you a tool to stay in touch with your clients, but also giving you a detailed list of the products your customers want the most. Could it get any better?

Export your customers

We have also implemented an export feature to the WaitList plugin so that you can send newsletters to your customers awaiting for products whenever a simple notification is not enough.

Send e-mails at the right moment

Are you one of those managers who replace the stock at midnight and don’t want your customers to receive a notification right away? Are your customers from the other side of the globe?

With WaitList by createIT you can create a queue in your mailbox and send your e-mails when you want to.

Personalise your settings

With WaitList by createIT you can easily personalise the alert messages we display with it.

Don’t want a product to use WaitList? No problem. You can uncheck our plugin per product.

Add your email settings

Not only does WaitList Plugin by createIT allow you to customize the e-mail received by your customers, but also your notifications.

You can even create you own e-mail message or simply use the default e-mail template from WooCommerce.

Manage your account

With WaitList by createIT your customers can manage their subscriptions right in their account page! We have also made it accessible from the product page just in case.

You are also able to select where exactly you want your customers to see the ‘unsubscribe button’.

Fully customize your Waitlist Email

Add one of the following shortcodes to your email body to keep it fully customized for your needs. Waitlist will replace it with the actual product data. List of shortcodes:

  • $productName$
  • $price$
  • $siteTitle$
  • $stockAmount$
  • $productPage$
  • $thumbnail$
  • $variation$
  • $userEmail$

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